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Premium Trailers from Zasław

In Zasław, we are constantly modernising our trailers so they meet customer expectations even better.

Currently, we have introduced changes in our agricultural trailers, such as:

  • Cargo boxes in the sealless system, gain a new central locking system for the sides, which is bolted to the floor, ensuring greater stability of the entire structure.
  • When configuring the trailer it is possible to have the tarpaulin rolled out traditionally on an aluminium slat or by means of a system whereby the tarpaulin is rolled up from the centre and unrolled from the ground in just 4 seconds!
  • A side tipping system has been introduced on the shell trailers. When ordering, you can choose the side to which the trailer tilts. Podczas składania zamówienia, można wybrać stronę, na którą przyczepa ma się uchylać.
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