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Curtain Semi-Trailer BURTO-FIRANKA NS.13.28.BF

Box-Type and Curtain Semitrailers

Our side-curtain semi-trailer, another member of curtain-type semi-trailer family, is one of the most flexible types of semi-trailers. Its design allows loading not only on the sides, but also from the rear or from above, using a roof sliding in both directions. This solution makes loading and unloading significantly faster and allows the cargo space inside the vehicle to be used even more efficiently, whilst additional sides, hinged onto the structure, provide improved security of your cargo. The main advantages of our side-curtain trailers include: reinforced and stable frame design, lifted roof and easily separable, tight tarpaulin.


External length13 885 mm
Internal length13 643 mm
External width2 550 mm
Internal width2 480 mm
External height2 750 mm
Internal height4 000 mm
Cubature~ 93m3
Own weight6 750 kg ±4%
Loading capacity28 250 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight35 000 kg
Fifth wheel coupling height1 120 mm

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