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Braked Car Trailer 205SUH

Car Trailers up to 3.5 Tonnes

Zasław car trailers belong to a modern line of vehicles produced from the best components available in the Polish market. Products from this category are marked with, among others: modern design of cold rolled dropsides, durable dropside hooks with compensation as well as drawbar run from the axles (of 1350kg Gross Weight) for bigger strength of the structure. Zasław car trailers in standard are fitted with 12V electrical wiring with 13PIN plug-in socket (optional 7PIN adapter). All frame elements are hot-dip galvanized which guarantees their durability and high resistance to corrosion. Braked car trailers are additionally equipped with overrun brake by KNOTT. All models of Zasław braked car trailers have: openable front and rear dropside, supporting wheel with a clamp, handles for cargo fastening and rolls for fixing tarpaulin as well as side brackets screwed to the dropsides together with mudguard.


Dimensions of box-body (cm)205x122x35
Own weight240 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)1350 kg
Loading capacity1100 kg
Internal length of box-body205 cm
Internal width of box-body122 cm
Height89 cm
Total length325 cm
Platform height from the ground54 cm
Dropsides height35 cm
Tyre size165R13C


Flat tarpaulin
Tarpaulin with 800mm frame
H350 side extensions
Mesh extensions H450
Front ladder
Side supports
Tipping box
Spare wheel support
Spare wheel
Anti-theft (parking) protection
Rear side reinforced with corrugated steel sheet

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