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Mobile Ramp RM

Special Vehicles and Upperstructures

Zasław mobile ramps provide the full functional scope of standard ramps. Manoeuvring is possible using a forklift and level adjustment – using a hydraulic gear. Use of Zasław mobile ramps enables efficient loading/unloading, e.g.: in temporary warehouses or at location with no fixed unloading ramps within the infrastructure.


  • RM.07 mobile ramp, max. capacity 7 000 kg
  • RM.10 mobile ramp, max. capacity 10 000 kg


Permissible load7 000kg
Total length11 680 mm
Length of overrun section8 850 mm
Length of levelling section with edge cover2 825 mm
Length of levelling section2 525 mm
Length of edge cover300 mm
Levelling range900 - 1 550 mm
Usable width2 000 mm
Width of edge cover2 032 mm
Total width2 300 mm

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